Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is the basic branch of dentistry concerned with prevention and treatment of cavities and other minor lesions.

In Medyk Stomatologia, we offer a series of conservative dentistry procedures. Our state-of-the-art clinic with friendly personnel is a good place to start your treatment. Dental procedures may be stressful, so spending time in a nice and friendly environment may help you relax and facilitate the provision of care you need. Good communication is also a very important factor when choosing your dentist. It helps you find a specialist who shares your way of thinking. The Patient should never feel uncomfortable asking questions or expressing their concerns. The flow of communication between the Patient and the dentist should always be open and honest. In our clinic, we make sure that our Patients know how to prevent caries.

Out clinic offers the following conservative dentistry procedures:

  • preventive procedures – they include all the all the dental care activities associated with dental plaque and calculus removal, as well as reinforcing tooth structure to make it less susceptible to detrimental bacterial activity. These procedures include scaling, sandblasting, polishing, and pit and fissure sealing
  • the treatment of caries – in the early stages of carious lesions, when they only appear as small spots on the tooth surface, the dentist clears them and applies fluoride in order to remineralise the teeth and get rid of microorganisms. When caries affects the enamel and causes deeper cavities, it is necessary to clear the affected part and fill the tooth
  • fillings – the most common way of treating cavities is the removal of carious lesions and filling the tooth with material of highest quality and aesthetics
  • dental crowns – a crown is used to restore a damaged tooth by placing it over the previously prepared pillar-shaped tooth. It is used to strengthen and protest the damaged tooth structure. The dentist makes a dental impression that is used to prepare the crown. It is a perfect solution for Patients with large cavities or broken teeth
  • bridges – a bridge constitutes a prosthetic restoration of a gap in the dental arch that occurred due to the loss of one or more teeth. A bridge also helps reconstruct the correct occlusion and prevent dislocation of the remaining sound teeth
  • implants – they are used to restore missing teeth without affecting the adjacent teeth. They consist of two parts: a metal abutment and an artificial tooth. A dental implant looks like a natural tooth and possesses the same mechanical properties

Why visit a dentist if I do not have any problems with teeth?

Postponing a dental visit until a serious problem occurs is not a smart idea. This attitude prevents you from using preventive dental care, which may detect the signs of caries or disease at the earliest possible stage when treatment is often the most effective. Preventive dental care takes a very short time. The routine visits are also pleasant and provides you with guidelines regarding all dental care issues.

Medyk Stomatologia has one of the most qualified team of specialists in the region.
The visits may be private or covered by the National Health Fund insurance.

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