Prosthetics is a branch of dentistry concerned with restoring missing tooth parts and rebuilding teeth damaged to a point when it is impossible to treat them using conservative dentistry methods.

The problem of the loss of dentition is common nowadays. The reasons may differ, from injuries, through physiological degenerative processes and inadequate hygiene, to various diseases. This problem is quite significant because, apart from the obvious aesthetic reasons, it may result in incorrect alignment of adjacent teeth leading to malocclusion and defective masticatory mechanics and function.

In Medyk Stomatologia, we perform thorough diagnostics choosing solutions adjusted to the needs of our Patients. Thanks to prosthetic treatment, we can eliminate all the aesthetic dental defects. We use the highest quality materials, and our experienced and passionate specialists endeavour to make every prosthetic restoration fully functional, durable and aesthetic.

Out clinic offers the following prosthetic procedures:

  • Temporary crown
  • Porcelain crown
  • Implant Prosthetics
  • Crown-root inlay
  • Acrylic prosthesis
  • Dental prosthesis repair
  • Occlusal splint
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