Implantology is a branch of dentistry concerning the replacement of missing teeth.

Implantology provides the possibility of improving the appearance and restoring the correct masticatory function that was lost due to tooth removal. Patients lose teeth in result of untreated caries, periodontal disease or injury.

What is an implant?

An implant is a metal screw or frame that is surgically inserted in the bone of the jaw below the gingival level. The implant itself does not constitute the entire tooth. The dentist attaches the artificial tooth to the implant. This solution makes the attachment of either single dental crowns or the entire prosthetic bridges to implants much more convenient than the application o traditional bridges and crowns. A special connector called abutment is screwed to an implant and serves as crown support in the later stages of treatment. Generally, we can say that implant insertion constitutes the initial stage of missing tooth restoration, whereas the porcelain crown attachment in the final stage.

Is it a good idea to choose dental implant restoration?

  • Dental implants restore the correct masticatory function and clear speech
  • Dental implants are stable and durable
  • Dental implants prevent the need for adjacent tooth filing
  • They ensure excellent appearance and beautiful smile
  • Dental crowns and prosthetic bridges attached to implants are much stronger and sounder
  • Dental implants are easier to maintain and greatly improve the Patient’s quality of life

Out clinic offers the following implantology procedures:

  • Implant placement
  • Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus
  • Bone augmentation
  • Gingival augmentation
  • Implant exposure
  • Guided bone regeneration (GBR)
  • Implant based crown
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