Paediatric dentistry – paedodontics

Paediatric dentistry, or paedodontics, is a branch of medicine focusing on dental prophylactics and treatment in children. It developed to a separate specialty because the teeth and oral cavity of the youngest Patients significantly differ from those of the adults.

In Medyk Stomatologia, we provide children with special care. Our offer includes comprehensive treatment of the young Patients and caries prevention. The visits are held in aa exceptionally friendly atmosphere to encourage our Patients to take good care of their dentition in the future. We realise how easily children can get discouraged from visits at a dental office so our services are provided by specialists with an outstanding approach to children. We minimise stress and pain, and out little Patients leave the office happy, smiling and willing to come back.

When is the best time for the first dental visit?

As early as the 6th month of life.

Why so soon?

To accustom the baby with the atmosphere of a dental office. The parent is provided with detailed information on their child’s oral hygiene from a very early age.

How should I prepare my child for the first visit?

Tell the child at home why they need to go to the dentist.

What not to say?

The words that you must not use before a dental visit: DO NOT BE AFRAID, IT IS NOT GOING TO HURT. It is very difficult to work with a child who has heard such words.

Our offer in the field of Paediatric Dentistry includes:

  • Adaptation visit
  • Silver nitrate application
  • Fissure sealing
  • Extended sealing
  • Removal of a milk tooth
  • Light-cured filling
  • Glass ionomer filling
  • Pulp devitalisation
  • Milk tooth root canal treatment

Treatment under inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide takes place after the Patient has breathed in a colourless, odourless laughing gas with a slightly sweet flavour. It is one of the safest forms of sedating Patients who feel anxiety before a dental visit. This method is used in dental offices all over the world.

The laughing gas is administered to the Patient using a special mask making them relax, which:

  • reduces dental anxiety
  • makes it easier to inject topical anaesthesia (the Patient does not feel the introduction of a needle)
  • makes the Patient relaxed

The gas dose is adjusted individually. The strength of inhalation sedation is comparable to oral sedation. You are welcome to use the inhalation sedation in Medyk Stomatologia.

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