Periodontology is a branch of dentistry concerned with diseases of the periodontium and oral mucosa.

In Medyk Stomatologia, we realise that healthy gingiva determines general well-being.
Gum disease usually starts as a small lesion. At first, you may only notice mild swelling or bleeding, however, the infection tends to become more severe over time. Early intervention may be the key to saving your teeth and making you feel better.

Our specialists always choose the least invasive and the most cost-effective form of treatment to restore your healthy smile.

Our mission is to provide high quality periodontal care to all our Patients. We have noticed that periodontal and gum diseases may occur at any age, even in young children, so paediatric dentistry also involves periodontal and gum care. The first concerning symptom that you may notice is a soft deposit that tightly adheres to a tooth surface. It is a combination of saliva, epithelial residues and food particles including bacteria. If this deposit, or plaque, is not effectively removed from the teeth surface transforms into calculus, which leads to much more severe problems within the oral cavity.
The first symptom of extensive calculus accumulation is gingival tenderness and bleeding. This is the result of calculus adhering to teeth along the gingival line. Unfortunately, calculus is much harder to remove and mere tooth brushing that sufficiently removes dental plaque does not suffice in this case. If the calculus is not removed, it attracts even more dental plaque, the accumulation of which causes gum irritation. The gingiva becomes reddened, swollen and very sensitive.

What is the threat of untreated gingivitis?

Untreated gingivitis may even lead to the loss of teeth. This is due to the occurrence of serious infections that affect the entire jaw. In turn, it leads to the development of various periodontal diseases that cause Patient’s discomfort and chronic pain within the oral cavity.

What is periodontitis?

Inadequate oral hygiene and extensive accumulation of calculus leads to a serious oral disease, periodontitis, which may be very troublesome for our Patients. The initial symptom of the gum disease is gingival pain and bleeding. Untreated disease infiltrates deeper areas and affects periodontium. The gum disease, periodontitis, may cause the loss of teeth. The accumulated bacteria initiate decay processes resulting in unpleasant odour from the mouth. Periodontitis leads to tooth root exposure.

In Medyk Stomatologia, we also address such problems as mucosal and periodontal disease. Our offer includes professional removal of calculus, so called scaling, as well as tooth sandblasting and curettage. Periodontist Marcela Koc-Gąska DMD is our specialist treating periodontal diseases.

Out clinic offers the following periodontology and laser therapy procedures:

  • Closed curettage
  • Open curettage
  • Supragingival and subgingival sandblasting
  • Supragingival scaling
  • Periodontal pocket rinsing
  • Filling overhang correction
  • Immobilization of teeth with a splint
  • Frenectomy
  • Dental crown lengthening
  • Core build-up
  • Strengthening of gums and bones with platelet-rich fibrin PRF
  • Missing bone replacement by means of bone grafting
  • Gum regeneration
  • Receding gums treatment
  • Treatment of mucosal diseases
  • Resection of the pathological lesion
  • Histopathology examination
  • Periodontium regeneration using Emdogain
  • Laser removal of pathological lesions
  • Laser curettage
  • Laser correction of the labial/lingual frenum
  • Laser biostimulation treatments
  • Laser teeth whitening

Regular check-ups, professional dental hygiene and personalised specialistic periodontal procedures will let you enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile for many years.

You can find the information on the prices of particular procedures in the price list.

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